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     "Why doesn't he like me?" Julchen paced her room, thinking of a good reason with a scowl. "I mean, I'm awesome, I'm better looking than her, I'm sexier. So, why doesn't he like me?" She went back and forth in her room, her small bird following her movements until it grew tired and perched on the windowsill. Julchen stopped and sat at the window, resting her head in her hand frowning. "This is so unawesome, mein little birdie." The bird chirped in agreement and nuzzled her owner.

     'Sophia's pretty, sure, but she's so stuck up!' Her frowned deepened as she thought. 'Daniel probably doesn't even realize it. He's too busy listening to her talk about pianos and playing with her hair. So unawesome...' A sigh was emitted and Julchen stood up, giving up on the subject for the time being. There were better things to do, like getting drunk off her ass and singing karaoke. That was exactly what she was going to do!

     Throwing on some shorts and a t-shirt, the prussian woman laced up her white boots and threw on a coat. The outside wind whipped her silvery hair around, dancing like the snow. She huffed her way through the white sheet of frozen water to the bar, where, once inside, warmed her to the bone.

     "I'll have the usual!" she yelled, throwing open the doors. The regulars cheered at her arrival and she took a dramatic bow. "Kesesese~ The awesome me has graced you with my presence!" The barkeep slid a mug of beer down to her, which she chugged down immediately. 'Not even buzzed~' she thought, laughing loudly as she ordered another.

     Beer after beer, it took about 23 for her to get drunk. She got up on the stage and grabbed the mic, stumbling slightly.

     "Who's ready to rock?!" The crowd of drunkards cheered wildly as Julchen grabbed a guitar, throwing the strap around her neck and strummed roughly. The sound pounded through the speakers lined up on the wall and the crowd went wild. As the prussian played, she didn't notice Daniel and Sophia come in. Once she finished playing and 'being awesome', Julchen smashed the guitar and screamed.



     "TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!" The crowd started stomping and chanting for the woman to strip. At first, hesitation crossed her mind. But she was the awesome prussia, and the awesome prussia never hesitates! She shrugged and threw off her jacket, the crowd cheering.


     "C'MON BABY~"

     Julchen laughed and reached for the hem of her shirt, pulling it up to her midsection before two hands stopped her. She looked up to see Daniel, frowning disappointedly.

     "Hey, Daniel~! Vat are you doing here~?" She giggled and threw her arms around him clumsily. He looked uncomfortable, but his cheeks tinted pink anyways.

     "I was here with Sophia, but then you got up here and started to embarrass yourself."

     "That's so mean!"

     "How so?" He raised a brow at the girl, who puffed her cheeks.

     "You're here with her and not to see me!"

     "That's because Sophia is my girlfriend."

     Julchen froze. The words sobered her up and she frowned. His girlfriend? Nein. Not possible. What was there to love about that stuck up bitch? She was annoying and unawesome and just so... So... perfect! That's what it was. She was too perfect for anyone. That's why she's always so rude. Right? So why did he date her? 'Whatever, they can have adorable kids together for all I care.'

     "Congrats to the lovely couple." she grumbled and shoved Daniel away from her. Grabbing her jacket, she threw it on loosely and grabbed a beer to go. With one last glare at the Austrian woman, she shoved the doors open and went out into the raging snow, ignoring the calls after her.

     The wind picked up quickly, throwing snow into the air and making Julchen seem near-invisible with her pale hair. The only thing you could see was her Prussian blue coat and  ruby red eyes. She heard her name within the howling of the wind and she turned, only to be run into by Daniel.

     "What the hell?! Daniel, what the fuck are you doing out here? There's a blizzard going on!"

     "I could ask you the same thing, stupid!" Julchen looked up at Daniel, who was hovering over her. His brown hair was loosely thrashing about in the wind, taken out of its usual tied back style by the storm. His green eyes filled with worry, taking the pale woman  by surprise. She frowned and looked away, not wanting him to see her face. They had both made the mistake of going out into a blizzard, and now they were stuck in it. He got up and pulled her up with him, then started to walk while holding her hand.

     "Where the hell are we going?"

     "Somewhere other than in the snow."

     She followed him quietly, her hand still in his. The wind whirled around them, surrounding the two of them like a spotlight on a stage. They wandered aimlessly until Daniel stopped. He turned around and looked straight into her eyes.

     "I found a small house. It doesn't seem like anyone's inside, and the door is unlocked." He shoved the door open and threw her in quickly, followed by himself. The door was closed with a bit of effort, but it closed nonetheless. Julchen stood awkwardly brushing the snow off of herself. Daniel sighed and ran a hand through his now-unruly hair. It became cold and wet due to the snow, as well as Julchen's. Daniel walked wordlessly into the hallway, where he found some towels. He walked back to the front room where Julchen awaited his return.

     "Hey, I found some towels, so we can dr-" His words were held in his throat at the sight of his friend. She had no shirt on, her boots off, and was wringing out her shirt. She looked up at him and grinned.

     "Awesome! Danke, Daniel." She walked over and grabbed a towel, to which she began to rub her hair with. Daniel just frowned.

     "What is with you and taking your damned clothes off?!"

     "Vat, a girl can't show off her body?" She winked at him and laughed at his red face.

     "You don't have to go around stripping though!"

     "But it's fun~" He just shook his head. Nothing could bueobvfiudb FUCK

I'm not gonna continue this.
I was just hit by a train of inspiration while watching something about the universe and I saw this picture, yo.

So yeah. Enjoy.

Hetalia characters belong to HIMARUUUUUYYAAAAAAA
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StepanyLoids Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
StepanyLoids Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
shiken-chii Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015
Look, this is seriously the best ending ever! So epic in so many proportions!

If this is a book, I can imagine the next pages filled with the F word. And if I had happened to have bought the book, I ain't even gonna get mad. ;D 
RozieAndTeamFade Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
No one cares about the awesome piece of writing at the beginning, it's all about dat end (hahagetmypun)
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i really like this can i continue this?
Fiction-Pixie1215 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
I'm fav-ing this, if for no other reason than the ending. Which, oddly enough, sounds like how I think most of the time.Frolics 
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awsome this is the first amazing thing i've ever seen
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XD beautiful ending
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I can nothing else say to this...
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The best part was the ending~

The ending was truly a masterpiece~
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um are you going to continue it?
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